1. Generic responses in the CRM system for repetitive questions.  ·  completed

  2. Would be great if the template frames were coded to correctly give search engines the meta data that they are requesting (  ·  completed

  3. Automatically Add Coupon To Cart via Query String URL Parameter  ·  completed

  4. schedule price change  ·  completed

  5. Give us filtering capabilities on marketing datafeeds so we can remove out of stock or non profitable items from data feeds  ·  Open for Voting

  6. Add Click to Zoom functionality to photos on mobile devices  ·  completed

  7. Time stamps local, not Florida  ·  Open for Voting

  8. Tracking of product changes  ·  completed

  9. Answer CRM Request requires via e-mail strait from notification mail.  ·  Open for Voting

  10. Clickable Links in CRM Responses

  11. Allow Existing CRM Requests to be Linked to a New or Existing Customer Record.  ·  Open for Voting

  12. Export Product Features (field "prodfeature")  ·  completed

  13. Multilingual  ·  Open for Voting

  14. UpSell, Intelligent product recommendations, and bundling options  ·  Open for Voting

  15. Ability to save product sorting data when uploading updates using API  ·  Open for Voting

  16. Invoice options to include PDF for Customer, Merchant and Distributor  ·  Open for Voting

  17. To be able to update an order and have it automatically update the order in Avalara Avatax  ·  Open for Voting

  18. Google Shopping Export - data will not export if you include a suffix in your export.  ·  declined

  19. Ability to add response to blog comments from the admin portal  ·  declined

  20. Sales tax matching QuickBooks

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